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Martina Romano (Project Implementation)

Irene Pizzo (Unit Coordinator)

CESIE ( was founded in 2001 based on experiences of our inspirer, sociologist Danilo Dolci. Since 2001 we have realized more than 400 projects at local, European and Worldwide level promoting: social inclusion, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, capacity building, key competencies development, mobility, etc. with a particular focus on marginalized and vulnerable groups.

The organisational structure is divided into 6 thematic units working in synergy and managing activities in their specific fields: 

  • Adult education (Lifelong learning opportunities)

  • School education (Innovation and support of diversity in school education)

  • Migration 

  • Youth 

  • Higher Education and Research

  • Rights and Justice.

The units are supported by 3 geographical departments (Local, European and International) and 4 transversal offices (Visibility and Communication, Networking, HRs, Financial). 

CESIE staff is composed of 70 people with a wide range of qualifications, skills and professional profiles, united by a deep sharing of ideals that lead our activities. At the same time, CESIE relies on 150+ external experts that collaborate for specific activities and projects and a a broad network of partners with 3000+ civil society organisations, youth centres, social actors, schools, universities, research centres, public authorities, enterprises and entrepreneurs in the world.

Our objectives:

• To improve lifelong education in Europe through transnational projects involving local communities

• To promote sustainable development of neighbouring regions and beyond through training and education

• To foster progress and innovation in Higher Education and Research

• To support learning mobility for people at all ages, across borders and sectors

• To stimulate local growth by adapting international good practices and methods

Our strong point is experience in non-formal education techniques as pedagogical tools and hosting events (trainings, seminars, workshops, meetings) developed according specific learning needs of youth, adults, learners, professionals and education staff.

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