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Rannveig Björk Þorkelsdóttir 

Jóna Guðrún Jónsdóttir





The University of Iceland (UI) is the leading institution of research and higher education in Iceland; it is a progressive educational and scientific institution, renowned for research in the global scientific community. The University of Iceland is a state university, situated in the heart of Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. The UI offers opportunities for study and research in 400 programs, spanning most fields of science and scholarship. The UI is organized into five schools: Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Humanities, Education, Natural Sciences, and Engineering. About fourteen thousand students are enrolled and around thirteen hundred staff and faculty are in its employ. 

The School of Education at the UI, educates teachers for preschools, primary schools, and upper secondary schools, sports and health sciences, social educators, and leisure professionals. All academic programs at the School of Education are strongly linked to the workplaces of those professions the school educates, such as schools and other societal institutions.  The programs provide a wide range of professional options and serve as a good foundation for further studies. The School of Education is divided into four faculties: the faculty of Education and Diversity, the faculty of Education and Pedagogy, the faculty of Health Promotion, Sport and Leisure Studies and the faculty of Subject Teacher Education. The School of Education also hosts vibrant exchange student programs. At the School of Education diverse research is carried out in the field of education, pedagogy and training to create new knowledge for the benefit of society.

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