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(United Kingdom)


Steve Byrne

Interplay was established in 1970 and is a charity and company limited by guarantee. It is a small organization with three members of staff and an experienced Artistic Director.


From our base in Armley, West Leeds, we have broadened our approach of placing the audience at the center of the experience by working across art forms with audiences to create films, music, digital experiences, and theatre. Interplay is embedded within our local community, and our building is a home to a huge range of creative community groups, from arts groups for adults with learning disabilities to emerging artists who need space to create and grow, young bands who need facilities to record new music to filmmakers who use our facilities.


Interplay works across all definitions of creativity. Part installation, part performance, we create immersive environments in which the world of the play unfolds. A theatre where you

can feel the rain on your face, where live music maps the emotional and geographical terrain, proximity to action deepens the experience, where empathy between performer

and audience is fundamental. Actors and musicians interweave poetry, live music, dance, and sensory experience into the fabric of the narrative.

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