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arted events: #LearningPlanet Festival 28.01.2022

On the 28th of January 2022, Stimmuli for Social Change participated in the international #LearningPlanet Festival at the Session ‘Activating Arts in Education’. Along with exceptional co-speakers Eric Booth, USA (International Teaching Artist Collaborative), Jelena Soldo, Bosnia Herzegovina (ALTTEATAR), Louise Catry-Bossis, India (Slam Out Loud), Dave Strudwick, Hungary (Real School Budapest) and the amazing hosts Csaba Manyai and Anis Barnat from Community Arts Network, we had the chance to share our practices, visions and solutions on empowering the Arts’ presence in Education.

Konstantina Karameri from the Stimmuli team presented our pioneer project NEMESIS and how our work’s philosophy is based, nourished, and built around Social Innovation Education. Combining sectors and expertise is what brings meaningful change and with the help of artists and creative professionals we can achieve the change of mindsets with long-lasting impact. We bring together not only different disciplines but also different stakeholders, from students, teachers and families to entrepreneurs, policymakers and academia, valuing everyone’s input. Creativity and artistic applications through our cross-disciplinary approaches are reflected in many of our projects and were presented at the #LP Festival, namely:

It was an exciting and inspiring discussion with international participants from the arts and education sectors, resulting to a future-steps conversation. There is an urgency for resilience at all levels and the Culture and Creative Sectors need to re-establish their position, to reclaim their value and all stakeholders are called to keep their mind and dialogue open!

We all reached a consensus to something about this, so stay tuned!

PS: If you missed the #LP Festival and the discussions or want to watch them again, you may find the recordings here:

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