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Meet the Partners: Interplay

Interplay Theatre, the National Centre for Sensory Theatre, has storytelling at its core, and uses the five senses to unlock narratives for people who are at the edges of theatrical experience creating arts opportunities and performances for young people with learning disabilities across the country.

Interplay is based in a former Church Hall in Armley, West Leeds. The building is central to the work of the company. It’s where the company creates its pioneering sensory theatre. It is also the home to several young peoples projects, which come under the banner of LS12 Creative, enabling young people to express themselves through music theatre and film.

Interplay’s fundamental belief is that everyone has a story to tell, and this belief is at the core of everything we do. Interplay established in 1970, was formed from a desire to engage hard to reach communities through the arts.

Interplay is now embedded within our local community, meaning we have a far reaching established network of people who have been involved in the organisation over the years, ranging from artists, teachers, young people and their families.

With the development of a venue in 2015 we have been able to create a community hub for emerging artists, a home for community groups and a programme of diverse events and performances for local audiences.

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yanwen li
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