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Warm welcome in Greece: Teaching and learning event and multiplier event in Thessaloniki

From the 25th to 28th of April the partners from arted met at the premises of Stimmuli in Thessaloniki Greece for Teaching and learning and multiplier events in Thessaloniki Greece as part of a three-year Erasmus+ funded project.

We had the pleasure of witnessing great hospitality in Thessaloniki. We discovered that people are very kind and helpful in this city that we had never visited before. Also, we witnessed the effect and importance of face-to-face meetings in our project when working on research and development of education and creativity and its importance of going through intellectual outputs together and learning from each other.

Coming from Iceland where the alphabets are not the same as in other European countries, we found ourselves lost in translation when trying to read the Greek alphabet. But it was a nice new experience that we found ourselves in new and exotic circumstances.

Lost in translation

It was a life changing experience waiting for a green light with dogs and cats trying to cross the road and discover how people took good care of wild cats and dogs. We made two good friends, Pepe and Mufasa that greeted us and said hello every time we came to our hotel and all the cats that we met on our way to our meetings.

Pepe and Mufasa

We managed to go through our IO1, IO2, and IO3 where everyone was sharing and learning from each other. We had a great group of teachers and stakeholders taking part and reflecting on our work and visions so far. We were also the first ones to use the new space in Stimmuli that is very welcoming and a great space for creativity.

We also experienced the culture of Greece by attending a restaurant where a great group of musicians were playing Greek music. The prevalence of working in Erasmus + project is also to get to know the culture of each country taking part. In that way we also strengthen the friendship and knowledge of each other.

We look forward to meeting our great team again in Berlin later in May. As suggested by Stimmuli we had a few extra stopover days in Greece, in Polychrono Chaldiki. What a place!

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Lee Yanwen
Lee Yanwen
Jun 21, 2023


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