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Meet the Partners: Stimmuli

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Konstantina Karameri (Project Manager), Ioanna Garefi (Implementation Coordinator) and Sofia Kantsiou (Finance Manager) are the arted project managers on behalf of Stimmuli for Social Change.

Stimmuli was born by three women working in the business and consulting sector for years while never lost their urge for projects with social impact. Along their career paths they met inspiring leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, scientists and people who overcame obstacles to create opportunities and drive positive change. This led them to rethink how life and work should look like in a world with never-ending opportunities for all.

In 2017, they established “Stimmuli for Social Change” as a mission-driven team of professionals who works towards stimulating change in education. Recognising that education is the first thing to change the world, Stimmuli seeks to transform education and foster 21st century skills for all by designing and delivering innovative and human centric projects and initiatives.

2021 Stimmuli, is a team of 10 young and motivated people who are working towards the design of impactful educational material with a holistic approach, having as a guide Social Innovation Education, a methodology developed during the H2020 project NEMESIS, which serves as a milestone project for the whole team. In high position among the targeted competences of their projects’ design stands ‘creativity’ and arts-based and -inspired actions.

arted is for Stimmuli one of the pioneer projects that is very much related to its core values along with other culture-and-creativity projects such as the ‘Creatives Academy’ and ‘Social and Cultural Innovation Labs’. Τhe Culture and Creativity Sector (CCS) is a cross- and interdisciplinary sector, creating tangible but also intangible value; the CCS should be deeply embedded in school curricula since it has so many positive effects on students, teachers and the ecosystem around them. The CCS should be defended, especially post-covid -having been hit so hard but also politically challenged, and we as arted team members will advocate towards this direction through our project’s outputs and activities.

Find out more about our work at Homepage - Stimmuli for social change.

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