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Meet the Partners: YoungArts

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

We are Cora Guddat and Katie Lee Dunbar, freelance Art Educators who have worked for many years to bring about social justice education arts projects in Berlin. We train fellow Arts Educators and teachers in power critical approaches to education and arts. In our work, we develop guides, networks and concepts for the betterment of the education system. In the projects, we offer in schools we work with performing, visual and sound art methods. Within all our projects we focus on: critical thinking, student lead processes, anti-racism, intersectional discrimination and inclusion. For us, arted is an opportunity to work collectively developing guides for creative education in schools that puts the student’s wellbeing at the centre. By sharing knowledge from different perspectives and work contexts to develop common principles and standards that can be referred to throughout European school systems. Through this exchange, we hope to improve methods of education and develop a framework that will have a sustainable impact on creativity in schools. It manifests the importance of the role of the Artist Educator and creative methods in teaching. Right now, we see a global rise of the far-right; a threat to women’s and LGBTQ* rights and BPoC lives. The ongoing global pandemic, climate crisis and crumbling health systems create a new level of urgency. Now is the time to collectively address these systemic problems. We have the opportunity to change the learnt patterns of oppression as we reach everyone at schools. This project can offer methods for teachers’ who are looking for ways to teach using student lead and power critical approaches. Through the arts, we offer students methods to relate, express themselves and work collectively. For more on us and how we work see here:

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