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Sicilian Skies: Transnational partner meeting in Palermo

Updated: Feb 5

On the 9th and 10th November partners met at the premises of CESIE in Palermo, Sicily for the 4th transnational partners’ meeting, as part of a three-year Erasmus+ funded project, arted.

We had the pleasure to witness once more the effect of the face-to-face meetings and also met new colleagues from Austria, UK and Iceland.

When working on research and development of educational resources on creativity and well-being, the team does not forget its own members. We took time to familiarize ourselves with each other and with the host’s space with some kinetic activities, by sharing thoughts, sounds and movement. The perfect way to warm up!

Following our programme, we shared the development of each Intellectual Output and of the Quality Assurance Plan updates. Working together makes the team more efficient and focused!

We managed to finalise different aspects of IO1, IO2 and IO3, which are our outputs connected to Primary and Secondary Education students but also Parents and Carers. We made significant progress towards our final school, teachers’ and parents’ piloted drafts. IO4 an output dedicated to pre-service teachers, is being designed further to arrive to its final form of an interactive game for pre-service teachers.

The time spent in Palermo was our final meeting before the launch of four 3-day Learning Events in four countries, namely Iceland, Germany, Greece and the UK. Entering the final year of the arted project we are so excited to start sharing our work and train teachers, pre-service teachers and parents/carers who will ultimately use these resources and activities for their own personal development, enjoying this process with the children. Children as much as adults, deserve brave and safe spaces, more creativity and changemaking in their lives and we all agreed that our arted team is so happy to be contributing towards this direction.

We are moving on after this amazing experience under the Sicilian skies and sun, with a little limoncello kick!

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