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Konstantina Karameri (Project Manager)

Ioanna Garefi (Implementation Coordinator)

Sofia Kantsiou (Finance Manager)

STIMMULI is a social innovation research organization working on projects focused on social impact. We design and develop new approaches, innovative projects, effective practices, and tools to enhance social innovation. Our work aims at harnessing the power of collaboration between universities, nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses, and governments, to address pressing societal challenges more effectively and on a wider scale. Our vision is to support people to become powerful catalysts for social change. To achieve that, we design and implement educational and empowerment projects that cultivate change-making attitudes, inject entrepreneurial thinking and nudge behavioral shifts for more sustainable lifestyles. Our main activities are:

Learning design and assessment: STIMMULI designs inclusive educational programmes and curriculum for equipping learners of all educational levels (from primary and secondary to higher and adult level education) with 21st-century competencies (social, civic, and entrepreneurial), fostering knowledge, understanding, and ownership of values and attitudes.

Training and capacity building: STIMMULI develops tailored-made material and programs and delivers training and capacity-building activities to individuals and organizations with the aim to provide them with the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes for strengthening a culture of continuous social innovation.

Social Research: STIMMULI carries out research on a variety of topics related to social innovation, education, (social) entrepreneurship, and sustainable development by employing a mix of tools.

Project Management: Our team brings more than 10 years of experience in the coordination, management, financial monitoring, and reporting of EU-funded projects. Leveraging this experience STIMMULI has the capacity to design, develop and coordinate successful and impactful projects.

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