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(United Kingdom)

lead partner, P1

Tom Dobson (Co-Project Lead)

Lisa Stephenson (Co-Project Lead)

Mhairi Beaton

Ana De Arede


Lucy Scott (Finance)

We believe that the stories we create, and share should celebrate diversity, promote global citizenship and critical thinking.


Story Makers Company was established in 2017 by academics, teachers, and artists concerned with the lack of creative opportunities for young people inside and outside school, particularly those from socially underrepresented and economically disadvantaged communities.

Our academic and practice-based research focuses on creative learning in education, researching with and alongside children through the use of drama and creative writing. In collaboration with children, teachers, artist-educators, education leaders, cultural and community groups we seek to create meaningful learning which relates to children’s lived experiences. We aim to challenge policy which advocates narrowing curricula and the marginalization of the arts, in addressing issues which support the holistic learning and wellbeing of children.

Our research aims to advance knowledge of the ways creative processes work and in which creative learning can support young people and equip them with the capabilities for living and thriving together in a changing world.

We seek to work with educational and arts professionals from across the sector from early years to further education, empowering them to create imaginative and creative learning and curricula.


This approach to education aims to re-engage young learners by building their confidence, developing their emotional literacy, critical thinking, and creating an imaginative community they can belong to. 

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