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Katie Lee Dunbar (Project Coordinator)




Within the framework and support offered at YoungArts Katie Lee Dunbar and Cora Guddat will lead a group of freelance artist-educators, teachers, and experts in the field in Berlin.  Together, we will gather input from experienced people working in community arts at YoungArts Neukölln e.V. with the aim to exchange experience and gather input for a European-wide guide of best practice in arts and education. 


YoungArts Neukölln e.V.  is an art and creative center for children and young people from Berlin. Engaging artists from different disciplines such as film, photography, cartoon animation, media, theatre, dance, and music to offer a wide variety of formats. The goal is to give children and young people space where they can realize their creative ideas and potential with the support of professionals while working closely within the community.  Offering workshops, open studios, school groups, holiday projects, events, exhibitions, and performances.  YoungArts offers a platform for tandems consisting of artists and teachers. Freelance artists from YoungArts develop projects in cooperation with several schools. YoungArts focuses on accessibility and the process rather than the outcome of a project. All offers are free of charge and the facility is barrier-reduced.

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